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ECGI Working Paper Series in Finance and Law

By arrangement with the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), ECGI Working Papers are available online free of charge from the SSRN's Financial and Legal Research Institutes Papers Series.

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How papers are included in the two series
ECGI Research Members submit papers to one of two editorial boards which then scrutinise them for inclusion in one or other of the two working paper series.  Both series publish research papers in the field of corporate governance, broadly defined - see the Q&A for further clarification. Each editorial board comprises an Editor and a number of Consulting Editors drawn from ECGI's Research Membership. The Boards are currently chaired by:
Finance Editorial Board
Professor Ernst Maug
Professor for Corporate Finance, Mannheim Business School, University of Mannheim
Law Editorial Board
Professor Luca Enriques
Allen & Overy Professor of Corporate Law , Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
Questions & Answers
Who can submit papers to the series? How are the Working Papers published? What happens when a paper has been accepted for inclusion in the Working Paper Series?

To find out the answers to these and any other questions regarding the series, click here or the picture to the right.

Working papers in Finance and Law
There are currently 517 papers in the Finance series and 364 papers in the Law series
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Working paper prizes  
With the generous support of Standard Life Investments and Allen & Overy, the ECGI awards annual prizes for the best papers published in the ECGI Finance and Law Working Paper series.

See the Terms of Reference governing the award of these prizes.
Prize winners
Click here for details of prize winners since 2005

Research Newsletter
The ECGI publishes a Research Newsletter from time to time, focusing on a topical corporate governance issue and drawing on published papers in our Finance and Law Working Paper series. Each edition usually comprises a digest of the major themes from these papers, comments from leading academics and practitioners and a synopsis of a relevant book by one of our Research members.
Click here for published editions

ECGI Working Papers are available from the SSRN's Financial and Legal Research Institutes Papers Series. The SSRN measures the number of downloads for each of these papers. As of September 2015, the 517 papers in the Finance series have been downloaded 575,184 times. The 364 papers in the Law series have been downloaded 375,642 times.

See the Top 10 downloads as at September 2015 in:

the Finance series or
the Law series